ARTICLE : Symposium on non-destructive testing of cultural heritage, Korea

International symposium on non-destructive testing of cultural heritage: Radioactive techniques for diagnosis and conservation of cultural heritage

Symposium international [Diagnostic non destructif des biens culturels] commémorant 10e anniversaire du Centre de science de la conservation du patrimoine culturel, Corée, 2019

This symposium brought together scientists using ionizing radiation in the field of cultural heritage, either for its characterization or for its conservation. 5 presentations for a nice audience of a hundred people, mainly academics, students and professors in the fields of heritage sciences.

  • Curent status and prospects for the conservation and restoration of cultural of cultural heritage using radiation technology – Song Jungil – Cultural Heritage Conservation Science Center, NRICH (National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage)
  • Surface 3D, X-rays and X-ray tomography for museum object analysis in France – Clotilde Boust – C2RMF (Centre de Recherche et Recherche des Musées de France)
  • Analysis and application of precise image of cultural heritage using X-ray computed tomography – Oh Hwasuk – Wonkwang Regional University, Innovation Center for Next Generation Industrial Radiation Technology
  • Non-destructive test and utilization for cultural heritage by neutron – Kim Taejoo – KAERI (Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute)
  • Gamma radiation processing for cultural heritage preservation – Laurent Cortella – ARC-Nucléart, CEA Grenoble.

“Surface 3D, X-Rays and X-tomography for museum object analysis in France”, Clotilde Boust, Elsa Lambert, Charlotte Hochart, Nicolas Mélard, Benoit Mille, Center of research and restoration for French museums -C2RMF, 14 quai Francois Mitterrand 75001 Paris France