3D Heritage Online Presenter : 3DHOP

3DHop is an interesting project from  Visual Computing Lab of ISTI-CNR Italy :

“3DHOP (3D Heritage Online Presenter) is an open-source framework for the creation of interactive Web presentations of high-resolution 3D models, oriented to the Cultural Heritage field. 3DHOP target audience ranges from the museum curators with some IT experience to the experienced Web designers who want to embed 3D contents in their creations, from students in the CH field to small companies developing web applications for museum and CH institutions.”


The contact page reveals several  linked projects:

“3DHOP has been designed on the base of the experience done in the EC IP project 3DCOFORM: Tools and Expertise for 3D Collection Formation. De facto, 3DHOP can be considered the second version of the Community Presenter tool, which was designed and implemented as part of the 3DCOFORM project.

The 3DHOP technology has been developed in the framework of the EC NoE project V-MUST.NET – Virtual Museum Transnational Network.

3DHOP is currently used and, at the same time, developed and debugged in some other research projects: