Fiber Optics Reflectance Spectra (FORS) of Pictorial Materials in the 270-1700 nm range

Le laboratoire  de restauration de l’Opificio delle Pietre Dure et le laboratoire de spectroscopie appliquée de l’institut de physique appliquée « Nello Carrara » ont mis en ligne les spectres de réflectance UV/VIS/IR des principaux pigments de peinture. Il faut s’inscrire et les courbes ne sont pas téléchargeables mais c’est une vraie mine d’informations pour la reconnaissance des matériaux et issu d’un travail collectif partagé.

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This database presents a collection of reflectance spectra in the 270-820 nm, 350-1000 nm, and 980-1700 nm ranges acquired on several paint layer structures that were built with materials selected from those most commonly used both in the past and in the present day. The pictorial materials were painted out onto small wood panels prepared with a traditional ground of gypsum and animal glue. They were applied as pure pigment/dye or as a mixture of different pigments/dyes with different binding media. Some of these pictorial materials were also applied as transparent glazes over opaque paint layers or metal leaf.

This spectra collection focuses on providing information that permits recognition of the spectral features of several pictorial materials. The spectra may be enlarged by directly clicking on the displayed graph. To date the spectroscopic data cannot be downloaded via the spectra pages.

This database is part of the continuing collaboration between the Restoration Laboratory of the Opificio delle Pietre Dure and the Applied Spectroscopy Laboratory of the Institute of Applied Physics « Nello Carrara » of the Italian National Research Council.